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An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual. The EMR represents a medical record within a single facility, such as a doctor's office or a clinic.

Using the latest protection in Security certificates, much like at a national bank website you will see https://. We also protect from DDoS attacks with Cloudflare security DNS features. To top it off we maintain a data backup to insure no downtime.

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HIPAA, EHR, and Patient Engagement


Adopting both a HIPAA compliance solution and an EHR platform for you business is the best way to demonstrate your commitment to the safety and integrity of patients’ sensitive health care data. A good patient engagement strategy is at the heart of attracting and retaining your clients.


When you adopt both an EHR platform and a HIPAA compliance solution, you do the double work of protecting your practice and ensuring that your patients’ data is kept safe. Initiating conversations with patients about the work you do to address HIPAA can go a long way to building lasting trust in this changing climate of digital and electronic health care.


ElectronicMedicalRecord.org is still undergoing construction and may have some current unresolved issues. If you experience any issue you may call us for more assistance.


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#1 Rated EMR System Solutions Provider for midwest united states private practices 2018

"We knew that if they tried our EMR platform and got a feel for it, they would find ours superior to their current platform, that is why we released the free online live trial."



-Jeremy D Higgs Web Interface Programmer

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You may qualify for up to 4 tablets to use your new EMR system for FREE! Limited time only and while supplies last. Our EMR solution can be used on a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, smart phone, and just about any other network connected device.

Highly versatile, an emr on the go

an emr on the go

Access your custom Cloud Based Secure EMR from any device any where in the world
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